There have been registrars in German museums, archives, galleries and collections for more than three decades. We function independently as a central interface between the exhibition, collection, and administration departments in museums, exhibition venues, and galleries, working either as staff members or freelancers. As a liaison between management and specialist staff, we coordinate all exhibit-related processes. In recent years, many institutions have established positions for registrars, leading to a continual increase in our numbers across Germany.

While organizing the 4th European Registrars Conference (2004) in Germany, on behalf of the European Registrars Committee, we, the board, established Registrars Deutschland e.V. as a non-profit organization. The primary objectives in founding the society were to create a platform that protects our shared interests, both nationally and internationally, fosters discussion, promotes professional expertise, advances the professionalization of our field, and establishes standards.

The society now has more than 150 regular members and around 25 associate members; it is also firmly embedded in the European network of the European Registrars Committee.
Through an annual general meeting, regular workshops and professional development courses, as well as the ongoing exchange of experience and expertise, Registrars Deutschland e.V. strives to ensure the continual development of knowledge and skills within the profession.

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